How to file a medical claim form ?

How to file a medical claim form ?

An unexpected hospitalization for your ailment can eventually lead you to file a claim under your health insurance policy. As the expenses for an unanticipated event can be a burden on you, you must know the right way to deal with filing claims to cover all your medical expenses.

The right way to do so is by filling a health insurance claim form. Filing a claim may not seem such an easy road. You must know all the required details of your health insurance policy and be aware of its terms & conditions.

Instead of dealing with tedious paperwork yourself, you can even put a request to your medical service provider who can directly contact the insurance company for your claim only if he/she is in the network of the company.

The question is from where can you get a claim form from the company? You can easily access the claim form from the website of your insurance company.

You will be asked for all the necessary details in the form

While filling the claim form, you have to be aware of all the information and be careful while putting your details correctly.

Claim Form

The following details will be asked to you while filling the form:

  • Details of insured such as policy number, TPA no., Certificate no., name, address, gender, etc.
  • Details about the insured person who has been hospitalized
  • Insured’s bank account details
  • Details about ailment diagnosed
  • Declaration signed by insured and hospital

You will also have to provide documents as per the KYC norms of IRDAI. You can give your Pan Card/Voter’s ID/Driving License etc., as proof for your legal name along with a proof of residence such as providing an electricity bill.

Make sure you have all the required documents

During hospitalization, you must collect all the receipts of the treatment of the insured if you want to file a claim form in the future. Itemized bills can be obtained which give all the details about the costs of tests, treatment and pharmacy bills. Having the Aadhar card details of the insured is a must while filling the form.

Choose the online mode

Instead of filling the form offline, it is better that you fill the form in the online mode due to more flexibility and speed. There is also a possibility that your claim request is processed faster than the traditional method of going to a post office and waiting for a reply.

Be aware of the entire process

Before filing a claim, you have to be aware of the entire process. In most cases, the claim form has to be filed within 7 days of completion of treatment or discharge. Reimbursement of all your expenses may not be possible. You should go through your policy conditions and see what you claim will cover.

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