Will my lifestyle risk a smooth claim settlement ?

Will my lifestyle risk a smooth claim settlement ?

Each one of us suffers from the pressure of our lifestyles in some ways. The more we are busy ignoring the growing importance of having a ‘correct’ lifestyle, the more it is hitting us.

The increasing impact of lifestyle on our health has led to the immense importance of having a health insurance plan. Your health insurance policy will not only seek your medical history. It will also require a great amount of detail about your lifestyle.

What is lifestyle?

Lifestyle is the way an individual lives. Your everyday activities, habits, attitudes, beliefs, etc., define your lifestyle. Our health can be affected by our not-so-good lifestyle.

What is Lifestyle

Some of the habits that human being adopts which affects their lifestyle are:

  1. Unhealthy food habits
  2. Consumption of alcohol
  3. Smoking
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Stress & anxiety
  6. Lack of proper sleep
  7. Improper intake of nutrition

Not being able to follow a good lifestyle can affect your health in many ways. Nowadays, people are more prone to medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Diseases) or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Anaemia, Depression, Obesity, etc. These diseases mainly give you a signal that it is high time for you to make some needed lifestyle changes.

Your lifestyle is linked to your health insurance

While applying for health insurance, it is important to disclose your medical history to your insurer. Your insurer will not only ask about the diseases from which you have suffered, he/she will also peek into your lifestyle habits. In short, if you consume alcohol or do smoking, your insurer has to be aware of that.

This is because your sedentary lifestyle can pose several risks to your health. To be ready for any kind of emergency, your policy must know about how you carry your lifestyle, to provide coverage for any future ailments. Disclosing such information beforehand can remove obstacles from your smooth claim journey.

Your monthly premiums can be affected by your lifestyle

Health Insurance Premiums

If you are overweight now, there are high chances that you might suffer from any medical condition due to it in the future. Similarly, if you consume alcohol regularly, there is a possibility that you may suffer from kidney damage or any other conditions related to it.

The health insurance company has to be aware of your lifestyle attitudes and habits to underwrite your policy. A sedentary lifestyle will force you to pay higher monthly premiums to cope up with any future medical conditions. This is where we are enlightened with the need of having a good lifestyle!

In this era of lifestyle diseases, having health insurance is must

Lifestyle issues ring the bell at your doorstep with inappropriate sleep patterns, high levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, being overweight and many other issues. Such medical conditions used to exist before, but now the scenario is much worse. Being overworked can invite stress, stress can lead to insomnia and insomnia will further invite the other members on the list. Thus, it seems impossible for this chain to end.

Having health insurance can protect you with a safe journey of your treatment. Nowadays, insurance companies can provide you with a range of policies out of which you can choose the most suitable plan.

Health insurance can give support to you but it becomes our responsibility to avoid any future ailments just because of how we live. Following a proper diet, having a good 8-hour sleep, exercising regularly, taking breaks from stressful conditions can keep us healthy and fit.

ClaimTherapist can help you out

Many people have not yet applied for a health insurance policy merely because of difficulty in decoding the policy. In this situation, ClaimTherapist can help you in decoding your health policy. We will provide you with a hassle-free claim experience where you don't have to take stress about getting a claim. So, what are you waiting for? Invite us in your journey of a smooth claim experience!